28 03/14

Our Cause & Mission

Curing ALS & promoting healthy living is not an easy task. Our mission is to help people understand how they can have a better quality of life while living with ALS.

We also realize that families of people suffering from ALS should also live healthy lifestyles and have the best quality of life possible. We want to be a resource for all things related to the cure and awareness of ALS and fit, healthy living.


The Cure ALS Directors

28 03/13

Losing Weight & Living Right Ain’t Easy

Although we know our main focus is on the cure for ALS we have also decided to promote healthy overall living to our readers and friends. As bad as living with ALS is, we’ve realized that obesity and morbidly obese people in the US are also an epidemic. Part of enjoying a great quality of life is living healthy and that doesn’t usually just happen. Planning and using science and medicine to help us along the way can be a great idea.

Here’s a few things to consider if you are overweight or would like to lose weight and enjoy a slimmer figure:

  1. Not all the fad diets you see on TV work. Some do, most don’t and that’s a fact. Obviously coupled with regular exercise, even a mediocre diet can have way better results. Take this into consideration and also look at your weight loss journey as a process and a lifestyle rather than an event or destination. If you can see yourself actually living every day doing the diet you choose (without wanting to cheat) then that is a great sign of a diet that will have long lasting results in your life. Look for credibility in the diet, but also keep this in mind. It’s a lifestyle not an event.
  2. Another thing to note is that there are supplements and weight loss products on the market that may also have little to no effect. To be brutally honest, the only weight you lose is in your purse. Look to professionals that talk about what supplements work best (or are even safe to take) before deciding which way to go. Recently Dr Oz discussed garcinia cambogia HCA and it’s benefits. Apparently he believes this fruit can be a great addition to a healthy diet. He also discussed Green Tea as another product he believed in. Let the pros weed out ┬áthe losers and take their advice if you are unsure what you should take.
  3. Even if you order all the garcinia cambogia free trial bottles, drink all the green tea extract, and eat cardboard sandwiches for dinner, without having regular exercise in your routine, you simply will not get the best results possible. This is another area where you may be able to find helpful equipment and also work out programs (in home or outside the home) which can help you enjoy working out and also keep you motivated. Take time to join a gym or do a workout routine at home that is at your skill/fitness level. Don’t go at it alone either, because without the motivation of someone in your corner you won’t last long.

We know that having ALS or obesity issues, or anything that hinders your well being can be a weight today and an even bigger burden for you and your family in the future. Take the time to do something about it BEFORE it gets out of hand. Until next time, thanks for reading!

Barbara Lasky